Sunday, December 17, 2006

Blogging 36K ft above atlantic..!!


for someone who has been long lazy and waiting for some drive to blog about something worthwhile, there could be no more opportune moment than showing off about blogging away from around 36 ft above the Atlantic ..!!!(And i know most bloggers flying any transcontinental Boeing flight will be soon bragging the same :(...courtesy the free wireless access )

So as we skirt along Greenland, the thing that comes first to my mind is my past few days in LA, where i got a quick break form an official tour and managed to visit the "Happiest Place on earth".. The Disneyland, and also the Universal Studio.

I earlier wondered how different could it be from our local Esselworld, besides higher and faster rides and Disney characters, and i was so completely wrong. It is a fantastic place because as some wise man said....not because they are doing different things, they are doing the same things differently. Like the common
"free fall" ride few of us would have taken..!! They do the same thing but by weaving a complete story around it. where you are falling off form the Haunted Hollywood hotels' elevator. And many others like it. In these two dyas, i felt the closest perhaps I could ever, to be in a space odyssey, to being Indiana Jones, to Gliding over california, you cant do anything but AWE at the wonders the technology can create for you.

The same roller coaster which we all have done, is an entirely different experience when it is inside an dark chamber where projections on the space make u feel like you are in the space between stars, asteroids, galaxies...!!

Well there is a lot i can harp about, but the crux is..!! dont ever miss the chance to see these two places.. the universal studios, and the disneyland... !!(its in LA as well as in Orlando) I was also left wondering if "the matrix" really was very far from reality..!! Decide for yourself..!!

And if you need, do get in touch for tips about the best ..not to be missed rides.!! :)

So much for blogging from 36K ft..!! :)

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