Monday, February 19, 2007

...going public...

Well... this is one initial public offering that will be least subscribed to...!! And that's no stock of some reality company of course...!! It's the stateless random thoughts of a comfortably numb mind which sometimes need a vent, and some hopefully preserve their state (why do i try to prove i am a geek??)

I call it a public offering cos for some reasons i wanted to maintain my more serious thoughts within the domain of my own mind although i blogged there first around 2 yrs back..!! But i guess it's better to let out than let in..!! I still of course need to preserve the very integrity of this current blog, and thus should stop talking nonsense now ...!!! and talk about something hulka...!! :)

So.... if u had any doubts about Will Smith's acting capabilities, watch this movie and let them melt once again. AND there is medical proof that acting is in his genes...!! Because what you also get... is the unexpected treat of his son's cute yet extremely mature acting....!! As the father son duo portray the same relationship in the movie, the chemistry is almost flawless, be it the father son trying to fight off dinosaurs on the subway...or playing knock knock, you cant help but smile even in the depressing moments of the story .... And of course in the end you definitely have successfully pursued the happYness you would have hoped for when buying the tickets..!!

Thats My recommendation of the recent times