Friday, April 21, 2006

Bangalore burns..!! And the Aftermath ....!!

Like many of you , i was frustrated, amazed, and embarrassed at the reaction to RajKumar's death. The embarrassment got worse, since a German colleague who held india in a very high esteem despite what he had heard of it before coming to visit india, ended up loosing his precious few days off from work which were meant to see more of this nation(read mysore etc.) He was left to watching Rajkumar songs, and riots on television in his hotel room instead of the brightly lit mysore palace.
Anyways, as i was about to pen down my flurry of thoughts that had been disturbing me since this incident....i came across this thread in a forum which i inspite of being really funny, ends up stimulating quite some intellectual brain cells. Few men trying to hold there point of view, do a very good job of it, and present some well researched facts/arguments which can be a delight evne if you are just about awake at 2:00 clock in the night...!! This also gives me an opportunity to finish a blog of mine in the same stretch as i started for the first time..!! (without saving draft)
So go ahead..and have some intellectual(or otherwise) fun with the Aftermath.!! :)

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