Saturday, March 11, 2006

Rang De Orkut...!!!

"I always thought there are two kinds of people in this world. ONE, who die in their sleep, and TWO who die screaming. And then i met the third kind....!! Those who ..blah blah...." of the many motivational quotes made in RDB. And i quote this with no intention of talking serious/motivational stuff(which i perhaps overdid in my other RDB blog), and breaking the preamble of my blog which btw, you need not search for in any of my blogs. The preamble is simply the title+link of the blog.

So what's the relevance...?? Not much...but the analogy i happened to draw in the Orkut world while conversing with a friend. We thought it was amusing:), and its ok if you dont, but please dont judge my sense of humor..since it can get worse than this:)) Here i go.

"I always thought there are two kind of vicenarian's in today's inter-networked world. One.. who keep looking at profiles/scraps/photos of friend/friend>friend/friend>..>..>..>friend...and live in this bits and bytes society, which at some times seems more lively and refreshing than the flesh and blood world. Two.. whose profiles/scraps/photos are being constantly looked at by the type ONE:)

And then i "never met" the third kind..!....but there is a third kind. And the reason for the bold remark is self evident...Cos they are the guys who aint on orkut at all..!!:)

Most lazy people like me should agree with the fact that orkut has given a great opportunity to catch up with a lot of old friends who otherwise would be non-existent in your social domain. And thus i hardly get to meet or am not in touch with the third kind..!

And now given that we have defined the type "Two", we may extend the definition of "One", as those who constantly aspire/hope/make futile efforts to be in type "Two". Though i would not deny having done some orkuting myself into pages of people connected only through a chain of a score other friends. And i have done it with that very purpose. Trying to see how far away from my social circle, my community, can i reach through a network of connected friends. Needless to say, if you havent done it, you probably are one of the busiest persons around and would not have the time for it anyways.

To reflect, orkut has opened up a whole new route to keep in touch with friends. It feels great to be able to see there faces now and then. Unlike MSN or Yahoo, where u dont even know how many and who all may be present in your long list of friends. And the other side of the coin...well there an other side to every thing. But who cares. We are all smart enough to use it in the most effective way for us. Have fun n keep orkuting :)

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Ashutosh Pradhan said...

Anshu Jain, lazy bones....ever since u went away from JK Pur, you slowly forgot all of us!! So you are one of those 4th kinds...who are on orkut but have not been keen enough to search old friends... Buzz me as soon as u get this comment on 91-9899322733 or mail me at